I am an Italian/British artist and educator based in Leicester, UK. I work with the therapeutic potential of art as a mode of healing and connection to nature. I'm drawn to texture and colour as expressive devices, which help me translate emotional material and spiritual experiences into artistic abstraction.

The sacredness of nature is a strong theme in my work. The concepts and materials I select are informed by philosophy, ecology, herbalism, and ritual. Foraged medicinal herbs, oils, resins, and other natural materials are incorporated into my work, bringing it closer to the natural world and the process of creation.

Each time I stand in front of a blank canvas, I experience a productive state of power and vulnerability, and each painting, for me, is an ordinary act of courage. Every new layer of paint reveals a deeper layer of self and I'm taken on an unclear journey, into places unknown. This can be challenging, but I find staying with the process helps to develop awareness and invites transformation.

For workshop information, art buying or any other queries, send me an email or connect with me on LinkedIn.